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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do unclaimed assets originate?

There are a number of reasons that unclaimed assets are being held. Some are held by the various states because the owner was not located, for example, deposits left with utility companies, income tax refunds or dividends from stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. Some are from dormant estates where the beneficiaries are unknown or could not be found. And some are held by companies who have lost track of previous employees.

How do you search for asset owners or heirs?

Once weíve determined that there are unclaimed assets in a personís name we use public records to locate the personís current address beginning with the address listed on the unclaimed assets. Once it is determined that the owner no longer lives at the address we search property records and telephone directories. If that does not provide the answer, we research genealogical records such as census records and obituaries.

Once you locate the owners or heirs, what happens next?

Once the owner or heir is located, we will forward a contract for signing that states that we will work with you to prove you have a legitimate claim to the assets. It also states that upon successful completion of the claim, that you will pay Morgan Research Associates, LLC, a percentage of the money received as stated on the signed contract.

What documents are required to claim the assets?

Each claim will have different requirements but, in general, if you are the asset owner, your social security number will be necessary as well as the documents that each agency, institution, company or state requires that is holding the asset.

If you are the heir or beneficiary, in general, the ownerís social security number will be required as well as documentation that asserts your claim to the assets such as your birth certificate, a marriage license or a probated will.

How do I know which documents I need and where do I get these documents?

Morgan Research Associates, LLC, will help you ascertain which documents your claim will require and will help to locate these documents and file the proper forms.

Do I have to pay you first before I receive the money or asset?

No. You will pay Morgan Research Associates, LLC, once you have established claim and you have received the money or asset.

Why do you track down the owners/heirs of unclaimed assets?

We believe that your money should be in your pocket instead of in state treasuries, financial institutions or companies unbeknownst to you. Itís your right to manage the money according to your needs and goals.

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