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Have you ever been notified that there is money that you didnít know about that belonged to you? Yes, it does happen and it could happen to you.

What We Do

There are billions of dollars held by the state treasurers, courts, corporations and financial institutions that are languishing waiting for the owners to claim them. Sometimes the money has been held in escrow for years or even decades. Many times the owners are not aware that they are even owed money much less how to find and claim these assets. We believe that your money should be in your pocket and not being held in state treasuries or other institutions.

Our goal is to match lost and unclaimed assets to the legitimate owners, heirs or beneficiaries. We act as liaisons between the claimants and the company, institution or state treasurerís office who handles the assets.

Morgan Research Associates, LLC, collaborates with the asset owner to establish legitimate claim to the lost assets. We will work with you to locate the necessary documents to prove your claim and to submit your claim to the appropriate asset holder.

Payment is a percentage of the actual amount of the asset received as stated in the signed contract. You pay no money upfront but only after we are successful in claiming the money and you have the money in hand.

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